Engines Churning

It is a beautiful fall morning here in the Midwest (can’t you tell I grew up here?).  It’s a Saturday.  The trees are sprouting gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red, and pink foliage.  A little over a year ago when Hubs and I were house hunting, the fact that our (now) neighborhood has an abundance of trees was definately a winning point.

Weekends are energizing.  There are two days of no-work-do-want-we-want-and-can-afford ahead of us.  Another work week is past us.  I like to focus my weekends on providing learning experiences and family bonding time for Dubs.  He loves going out as a family, even if it is to the grocery store – which can still be a learning experience.  I also try to make my parents a part of his weekend: hubs and I never had grandparents that lived in town, or that lived close enough to us that we could easily visit them, for that matter.  And I consider it a blessing (and much needed respite!) that Dubs can have this.

On another note, I am very interested in learning the weekday and weekend rituals of other families.  As working parents, Hubs and I usually meet up after work at Dubs “school” (aka daycare) to pick him up. Together. As a family.  I like to think that it is nice for our child that his full parental unit picks him up everyday.  It’s not a necessity.  Nor is it somehow “wrong” if other parents are unable to do this, or choose not to do this.  It’s just somethig that we are able to do -it’s one of our rituals.  It enables us to all come home from our respective “schools” together.  And we may not always be able to do so.

On weekends our biggest ritual revolves around Playhouse Disney – which is probably the biggest reason we have cable.  Dubs loves him some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and can be seen almost anywhere calling out “Oh Toodles” with his hands on his cheeks.  Bless his Heart) along with My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and Special Agent Oso.  And as a parent, I appreciate the interactiveness and educational content of these shows.

Another ritual that we seemed to have adopted consists of watching hockey.  My brother an advent Blues fan and multi-year season ticket holder had taken Dubs and I to his first hockey game last year.  And Dubs (who was 20 months old at the time) loved it.  Neither the intensity nor the loudness seemed to bother him.  So we took him to two more games last year, and have been to one this year so far.

We have also started to watch the games at home with him.  I love that he enjoys watching the Blues and I think it is very important for kids to believe in heroes – whether they are soldiers, police officers, firefighters, sports figures, or mommy and daddy – I think that hereos give kids the opportunity to have hope, to witness courage, and it provides a healthy belief system for kids.  To me it also promotes their innocence, which in toddlerhood and childhood, can be paramount.


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