Electro Man

Zap! When Dubs’ first started school (I fully realize I dropped the quotes, preschool is not that far away) the first themed day was about superheroes. Well, we did not have much in the line of super/spider/batman…he had superman pj’s at 18 months, but they are now more like superman capris. And his Harry Potter shirt? Completely outgrown.
So we did not send him in any superhero outfit. According to that day’s report card, they made him a cape out of a trash bag and called him “Electro Man.”
Well the name must have stuck. This kid loves turning on the light before entering a room, or when we first get home. What cracks me up though is that he will also turn OFF the light when he leaves the room. Tonight after he finished brushing his teeth in Hubs’ and my master bathroom, I called him from the bedroom so we could go get Hubs and go night night. And of course, without any prompting, he turned off the light himself!
I know I must reek of first time mommydom but I am loving the perks of toddlerhood!


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