(Not so) Funny thing is…

My new wheelchair (Pride Quantium 6000Z) is only 5 months old (more like one week shy of 5 months…and since we are potentially talking warranties that is approximately 1/20 less time that I have used it).  Since then I have replaced the foot pads (might be my fault/Dubs’ fault. Might be…), the JOYSTICK, the brushes (I also do not know what those are) and both MOTORS.  Must of which is being nonarguably covered by warranty – but can you, as any corporation worth it’s name, tell me that MOTORS wearing down in five months is your average wear-and-tear?  Maybe, just maybe, if I threw my 300lb chair down a flight of stairs (but that wouldn’t be wear-and-tear.  It would clearly be my fault, but no wear-and-tear).  Well they did.  Fortunately the wheelchair techs wouldn’t have it and they are both being replaced.  For free. Minus about $200 in labor.

I want my money back; I want my money back…


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