Desperate Housewife Much?  This has never happened to me before – most likely because I have never co/owned property for which others can stay over at.  Much is going through my mind. Particularly the equation:

   wife + disability < ideal host 

So let me explain.  I feel like I am less of that Gone with the Wind/Southern belle ideal image of a host, the type my mom is.  Let’s face it archetypes start at a young age.  Newlywededness depressed the daylights out of me.  I felt like this:

ME = incapable 

and ME + Hubs < balanced family

Hubs had to do EVERYTHING (okay not everything but 96% of it all) and I thought there was no way I could make him happy.  My broodings broke Hubs’ heart.  After therapy, a miscarriage, and heartache I learned this:

ME + Hubs > 98% of marriages….we truly make each other happy 😉

and then came this:

ME + Hubs + happy + 9 months = Dubs

and then Dubs + ME = OMG I have never been this happy.

But do others see us this way?  I know that what we have is so solid to have survived crazywife mathematics 101 so much. 

But at the end of the day sometimes I just wish I can do more…


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