Lucky Number

My lucky number must be three.  Trinities surround our culture.  In Hinduism there are the Lords Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma – Goddesses Parvati, Durga and Kali, and of course, Christianity has it’s Holy Trinity.  I’m sure that I will find many more within minutes of “Google-ing” but you get the idea.  These are the thoughts that occurred to me on my drive home tonight:

12/21: find out I am pregnant (both numbers are multiples of three)

1/20: find out via ultrasound that our beloved baby stopped growing (1+20=21, a multiple of three)

1/17: based on the ultrasound on 1/20, I am pretty sure we actually lost our baby on this day (1+17=18, a multiple of three)

8/1: find out I am pregnant again (8+1=9, another multiple of three here)

11/16: find out I’m carrying a boy (11=16=27)

3/12: deliver Dubs

Neat, huh?


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