Week 3.5 of a fractured ankle, here.  I had my second appointment with the doctor today.  I thought I could advocate for replacing the cast with the splint I got from the emergency room.  If for no other reason than the fact that it is getting harder and harder to sleep.  I also knew that they would remove my two-week-old cast, examine my skin and bones, and go from there (but most likely redo the cast).

Before the appointment, to which Dubs and MomMom accompanied me, I was opening our hall closet and saw my poor, lonely and new boot.   I was boot shopping on the day of my Fall, and promptly bought some boots the next day (I deserved them!).  Well I only got to the wear the right boot for 1.5 days before heading to the emergency room.  The boot’s presence saddened me.

So they remove the cast and I remember just how tender my foot was/is.  I remembered loathing sleeping at night out of fear that I might twist it, and the relief I had putting on the splint.  Things had been getting better though. I could have sworn

They do x-rays and I notice the bruise on my foot.  Where the fracture is.  I go back to the cast room; I see Doc who shows me the x-ray.  The.fracture.is.noticeable.to.my.untrained.eye.

And last time, last time I could barely fathom a crack – even when they gestured all over it.  Doc says it’s showing signs of healing(good !) and that he wants to see me back in two weeks to most likely do another cast (bad! sort of).  He adds that the process can take eight to twelve weeks (he told me that last time too!) and that if I could walk, he would surgically put in a pin and screws (bad!).

Wow I had not expected the surgery part.  I go back to the part where I saw my boot in the closet, the crack on my bone, back to the boot, the crack…

I am so proud of my ability to keep sane during this process and feel tremendously blessed for my independence in spite of it (the process of healing a bone that is).  But I can almost feel my resolve fade.  Just a little.

I think I know I will be okay.  I have family and friends and spirituality to keep me afloat.  But tender, broken bones are unchartered ground for me.

So I ask of you, please share your stories of bone healing with me.  I feed off not being alone.


6 Responses to “(Fore)Cast”

  1. Hi there, I came across this blog while at home broken as well. You are not alone and you are welcome to vent and we can share stories. First off, how are you feeling? How long since your injury and the doctor is telling you surgery if you don’t heal with the cast? I hope to hear from you and feel free to ask anything you like,David

    • Thanks David. I fell out of my wheelchair which is how I broke my ankle. What about you? Doc said he’d operate if it wasn’t for me being wheelchair bound. I still worry though about what limited blood circulation, less oxygen does to a fracture, you know? In the past I only had a couple of them that were “hairline.” Thanks for your support. I hope you’ll continue reading. ~Rollerbabe.

  2. Ouch, may I ask why you are in a wheelchair? I fell down 2 steps and broke my ankle. I am currently in a cast which sucks and also a possibility of surgery, a plate and some screws if it doesn’t heal on it’s own. Not sure about the less oxygen but I started taking a multi vitamin and trying to cut back on the sugar.

  3. OUCH. I have neuropathy (Charcot Marie Tooth). Hope healing bodes well. For the both of us.

  4. I am sorry to hear that and if I can be of any help please let me know. As for healing, I hope we heal fast and pain free. If you ever need to talk or vent email me. Please let me know what happens with the doctor.

  5. no needs for apologies. Thank you. Same to you.

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