Let Loose

That was me last night.  In the bathroom.  Doors shut. Crying.  In true middle school he loves me, he loves me not fashion.

We have Hubs’ Extendeds in town (this has not gone so well in the past, mind you). 

So I sit here with severe allergies and a broken ankle.  Sitting.  So I can serve the coffees, wash the dishes, unload the dishes, watch Dubs, entertain.  Again sitting.  When the doctor’s office tells me to lay down with three pillows under my foot.  Sleep deprived due to my cast.  And, missing work.

  I am miserable.  And I am burning so much vacation time on this stay that I am not taking off the week between Christmas and New Years, the week that my sweet Dubs is home.  And Hubs.

So I’m paranoid.  For being on the computer.  For sleeping in or napping when sleeping is what’s best for me because it rests my foot.  Not to mention my mind.  And I don’t go back to the office till Tuesday.


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