“I must be coming down with something”

You know that feeling at work when you are a) not sick yet and b) feel like you may be coming down with something?  Ideally you can try to prepare yourself.  I oscillate between working a little slower, or trying to get everything done because I have a *feeling* that I may not be coming back tommorrow.  Or the day after.

Having a broken bone is nothing like that.  It hurts and I think about taking it easier.  Maybe a 5 minute break with my BFF Google.  Maybe an early lunch or snack.  Maybe a trip to the water cooler.  Only I won’t *feel better* after a break or a day off. It will be maybe weeks(?) before I feel better.  I’d consider taking a self-care day but nothing will really change. 

Today completes 5 weeks of having a broken ankle.  I think that Doc said something about 8-12 weeks.  I am only about halfway there…

This is hard.  Way harder than permawheels.  Either that or I’m just used to the later.  I want to take a bath with bath salts and lavender fragranced bubblies.  That sounds like perfection to me.  Hubs asked me what he can do to help me feel better, and that was my first suggestion.  Only I can’t.

I’m tempted in this desperation to soak in the tub.  With my cast.  And pay a $100 emergency room co-pay to have another one put on.  But I would never do that.  Clearly.  And one $100 co-pay to have my foot diagnosed because my wheelchair broke down and I had to wait till Hubs brought my other one to me after work and I was otherwise stranded was enough.


So to those who have (had) a case or two of the broken bones (when) does it get better???

And please, please do not say 8-12 weeks…


4 Responses to ““I must be coming down with something””

  1. My suggestion is call your doctor and have the cast replaced. I had that at 4 weeks and it really made it more manageable for the remaining 5 weeks. Do you still have pain or swelling or mostly discomfort? Feel free to email me or talk on google.

  2. Thanks David. They changed the positioning on cast #2. Maybe that’s why. I go back on Weds. and will try and see if we can go back to the splint, or if it’s just too tender. So you had yours on for nine weeks? Crutches? Some pain, mostly discomfort. HARD to sleep at night; you?

  3. The position as well as the fit is very important. Yes, I had mine on for 9 weeks and currently in my second week of therapy. I was on crutches but they were a pain,discomfort and swelling is normal. As for sleeping at night, the best thing to do is put pillows between your legs.

  4. So you are off the cast then? Nice. I imagine crutches would be a major pain/transition. Me being in a wheelchair, I did not have to adjust to something *new.* I guess I win in that way 😉

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