Like a Bratwurst

That’s how Hubs described my foot to the Doc yesterday.  No joke.  Break is still there.  Originally Doc wanted to keep me in casts for 4 more weeks.  Yikes!  But Hubs, Doc and I realized just how much the swelling went down MINUTES after they removed the cast.

So now I am back in my original splint.  For now.  Hopefully this can prove to be a better fit for my monster swelling.  I’m also scared of my foot being less immobilized now.  I just want to do what’s right for my foot.

When I went in two weeks ago, when they removed the first cast to X-ray, etc, I knew I needed the cast back one.  My foot was just too tender.

This time?  My foot was doing much better at the appt.  However it has been so sensitive/tender since yesterday afternoon.  It may just be the weather.  But I’m scared.  Should I go back and have it casted again?  My heel hurts too.  This is new.  But Hubs readjusted the splint this morning…So far…So good.

And my new permawheels?  New motors are in.  And we’re up and running.

Score two for the home team.


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