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I love you, Hubs

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Hubs is pretty amazing.  He does so much for me, that I cannot do – and it never breaks him down.  When we bought our house the master bathroom was a nightmare.  Imagine a privacy wall between the toilet and vanity, only worse.  Much worse.  It was a floor to ceiling wall, complete with a door.  Honestly I’m not even sure if your average (or slightly larger than average) nondisabled person could easily maneuver through there.  Hubs redid the entire bathroom: air tub for water therapy, ADA toilet, Euro lav sink for easy rinsing, you name it, Hubs did it.

Halloween (and otherwise) Handy Man

Halloween (and otherwise) Handy Man

He asks that I do what I can, what I am physically able to do, and he does the rest.  And this keeps him happy.  I can begin to see this helping attitude in Dubs, who tries to be just like his Daddy.  And that makes me smile.

His Daddy's "Jeans"

His Daddy's "Jeans"

Hubs isn’t a social worker.  He isn’t a counselor.  Far from that he’s a researcher.  But he keeps me feeling empowered on a daily basis.


Medical Trauma

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On this week’s episode of Private Practice (I know, I know) they had a new doctor, Dr. Fife.  This character uses a wheelchair, one of the kinds that can enable a person to remain in a standing position.  I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel using this type of chair: Would it remind me of walking?  Would I like it?  Would this terrify me?

I have what I like to call medical trauma.  After all, how can someone go through all this, particularly in childhood, and not have a permanent stamp on the psyche.  I think it is a form of being traumatized.  It’s not always there.  I like to think that I am usually pleasant, sometimes chipper.  But this?  Certain sounds, songs, smells, events… can trigger a flash flood of memories, much like a war veteran.

Funny thing is these memories can be pleasant (take running around in gym class) but there is the undercurrent of my then low self esteem combined with “If I only knew what would happen later?”  When I got my newest set of permawheels I was inundated by memories.  To me what comes next is a 60% rational, 40% irrational response to a painful trigger; one which no amount of rationalizing can really soothe.

I try hard to ground myself in facts, but sometimes it is so hard.  What if I was given a second chance?  What if there was a cure?  Would it be too emotionally painful to revisit certain physical abilities that I gave up so forever long ago?  I think things like the standing wheelchair are great for some people, just maybe not me…


A kid in a playground…and by kid I mean a grown up kid, and by playground…I mean (accessible!) playground (!!!)

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*Woot* *Woot* there is this one public park that has THE  greatest playground I have ever laid eyes, and motorized wheelchair, on.  The sand box is elevatod so kids I mean moms and dads who are disabled can be seated whilst engaging in sand castle building and overall digging merriment.  The slides are all on ramps rather than steps so that those of all physical abilities can cruise around.  Even the bridge is wheelchair friendly.  No people I am not dreaming this up.  It is here in Midwesternville.  I have been there. Twice with Dubs.  On a rare, warm day off I may just go frolicking by myself.


I’m just glad HE does.

Innovations, Renovations, and Accomodations

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Since I’m new at this, and have less blogging energy during the work week. I am still trying to find my audience or community online.  One thing that I really hope to hear more about from you all is the creative ways you cope with adversity, whether or not you consider yourself disabled.  When I find that certain solutions work for me, I’d like to share them online in hopes of this information being useful to others.  I would love it if while reading this, you comment on things that work for you.  And to reiterate, you do not have to consider yourself disabled (or have any type of medical diagnosis) to participate.  You are more than welcome here.  After all, we all face struggles.

With that said, today’s topic will be:

Toddler Toy Invasions (aka Messes)

Please show me the two-year-old or three-year-old that will sit still with o.n.e. toy, the s.a.m.e., toy for a significant period of time?  And if you can, please share with us your secrets!!!  Dubs will have his cars, papers, crayons, legos, toy tools, etc etc all over of our rec room floor.  And only some of the time will he help mommy.

In so far, my solution to this has been a pooper scooper*.  That’s right I went to PetSmart and bought the largest pooper scooper they had and have proceeded to scoop up his toys using it.  Now this only works on his small(er) toys, but it’s perfect for his Duplo blocks, toy cars, crayons, and Handy Manny Tools.  It can even work with paper if you get the claws from the pooper scooper around both sides of the page.

Dubs recently got his hands on our apples and surprise, surprise my pooper scooper works on them as well.  Now the objects it can pick can only be so big (after all it is designed to pick up a large dog’s poo), but it’s great for pushing aside larger toys, and thus making room for my wheelchair.

*Don’t worry, there is no cross contamination here.  The dogs’ pooper scooper stays in the garage and goes no where near items that would potentially go in Dubs’ mouth.

Again, please share your solutions here as well.

Acts of Kindness

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IMG_1286One of the things that I’d like to devote some of this blog to are random (or not so random) acts of kindness. I think whenever we receive this type of validation it is worth remembering and passing on.  And I’m not just saying this as a disabled person -it’s more meant as a reflection of the era that we live in, where in spite of calamities, greed, violence, etc. there can be moments that help us “keep faith.”   If you’re reading this please comment with similar stories as tenacity is obviously a huge inspiration for me and this blog.

So by now you might be wondering what that photo at the top of my blog is in reference to.  On a recent trip to Chicago, which is incidentally one of my FAVORITE places to go, I saw something that I have never seen before.  An entire parking lot of accessible spaces, with zebras in between every space.  And of course, there was an attendant at the entrance to the lot checking for handicap placards/plates.  How sweet is that?  For my van there has to be a zebra on the right side as I have a ramp that deploys off that side, but obviously there are those who require that the additional space be on the left side, and all are equally deserving of the additional space.  Now with this particular parking lot all parties are accomodated.

So I get that this isn’t exactly a “random act of kindness” but it made me so happy to see this type of dream parking lot.