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I love you, Hubs

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Hubs is pretty amazing.  He does so much for me, that I cannot do – and it never breaks him down.  When we bought our house the master bathroom was a nightmare.  Imagine a privacy wall between the toilet and vanity, only worse.  Much worse.  It was a floor to ceiling wall, complete with a door.  Honestly I’m not even sure if your average (or slightly larger than average) nondisabled person could easily maneuver through there.  Hubs redid the entire bathroom: air tub for water therapy, ADA toilet, Euro lav sink for easy rinsing, you name it, Hubs did it.

Halloween (and otherwise) Handy Man

Halloween (and otherwise) Handy Man

He asks that I do what I can, what I am physically able to do, and he does the rest.  And this keeps him happy.  I can begin to see this helping attitude in Dubs, who tries to be just like his Daddy.  And that makes me smile.

His Daddy's "Jeans"

His Daddy's "Jeans"

Hubs isn’t a social worker.  He isn’t a counselor.  Far from that he’s a researcher.  But he keeps me feeling empowered on a daily basis.


Thank You’s

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My last post concerning my broken ankle seems to have generated a lot of support that I am infinitely grateful for…you readers rock!  Blogging and broken bones are both new to me, the latter of which leaves me vulnerable.  But not everything is about a broken foot, I get that.

When I am coping with any challenge, particularly those that are medical in nature, I try to deal with them in moderation – have time for feelings, to be honest with myself/Hubs (and others), but also to see the constants.  What has not, and will not change…

Who I am.  Who I love.  Who love me.

More to come.

Hugs and High Fives,